Loran Piédon-Guillot is something superhuman.

We must have seen him kick his old Knucklehead and consider the relevance of his mind lurking under the hair that contains the authentic Cromwell with happiness to finish persuading himself.

And if we still had to convince ourselves of the superhumanity of this old guy, we should finally accept the unacceptable: Loran Piédon-Guillot is a painter.

Even, he is The Painter, The Barbouille of a few childhoods who stir the tripe as surely as canteen spinach.

His painting has the paradox of an acrid taste: that of pepper sweets which we absolutely hope they will disturb but which we can not help but taste like the heady perfumes of a forbidden woman.

Thierry Vivien

“We are the forgotten children of history, we have not had a great war or a great crisis. Our war is spiritual; the great crisis is our lives. “

Tyler Durden of the Fight Club